Young Cal’s Gay Love Story


Elias Kacavas as Young Cal in Euphoria. (HBO)

Euphoria toyed with fans’ emotions as Cal had a weird and romantic origin story.

Euphoria season two, episode three opens with a flashback sequence that tells us the backstory of Nate’s father, Cal. Opening with a delightful photo of him pulling on his boxers, we learn that Cal spent his high school days glued by the hip to his best friend, Derek.

The pair are seemingly alike in every way – they’re both your typical American high school jocks who love cruising around town in their open-top cars and catching the eye of their love-loving classmates. They are even so similar in appearance that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

We hang out with Cal and Derek as they each get their first real girlfriend and start enjoying the wonders of penetrative and oral sex – and we start to see that Nate is quite the old block chip .

Interestingly, however, these scenes of heteronormative high school romance are intercut with shots of the boys wrestling in singlets that have a distinctly homoerotic tone, as well as a shot of Cal looking at Derek adjusting himself in the car, indicating Clearly there is definite potential. so that the boys’ relationship goes beyond the platonic.

Things come to a head on their high school graduation night when Derek suggests they take a trip to the local gay bar because he knew they would be served there without ID. After the boys have consumed several shots of tequila, they hit the dance floor and end up sharing a tender kiss. Unfortunately, there’s no sequel to last week’s rimming scene, and the “San Junipero” magic between Cal and Derek ends prematurely as the next morning Cal gets a call from his girlfriend who will redirect her life forever – yes, she is Pregnant.

Rue is also on the dance floor (at least in her mind). We guess the only difference is that most of us spent our teenage years dancing while we were stuffed with hormones, desire and Freshers’ Week dreams, while Street’s the sad relapse into addiction seems to be driving its plot this season of Euphoria.

Addiction issues aside, we’d like to take this moment to shout out to Rue’s bedroom which is adorned with posters of Rihanna. To classify and MIA Matangi albums – we stan a teenager delinquent with taste.

Rue’s music video fantasy is interrupted by her little sister Gia who is so taken aback by her sister’s behavior that she immediately assumes she is stoned. We then learn that Rue told those close to her that she recently started smoking weed to ease her anxiety, but, of course, viewers know that’s just a cover for her relapse into opiates. .

Elsewhere in this week Euphoria, we see Rue attempt to merge her friendship with Elliot and her relationship with Jules into one big happy family, though Jules remains suspicious of Elliot’s intentions with his girlfriend. After questioning him about his sexuality, she seems to console herself by revealing to him that he has slept with more boys than girls. “So you’re bi,” she claims but Elliot explains that he doesn’t think about his sexuality “in such rigid terms.” It seems a bit unrealistic that Jules would have a hard time accepting the idea that Elliot is sexually fluid, but the characters eventually move past that point and begin to forge their own friendship.

Elliot and Jules’ relationship seems likely to pick up speed as Rue becomes distracted with her latest endeavor: coercing her classmates into selling drugs so she doesn’t have to pay them.

Other developments include another confrontation between Cal and Fezco which ends in Cal being restrained and beaten by Ashtray as he begs Fez to return the DVD of him having sex with a minor. Jules – inadvertently admitting his crime to an ignorant Fez, who has no knowledge of the video or Cal and Jules’ relationship. Eric Dane plays the father’s moaning desperation with such believable desperation that you almost forget Cal is a bad guy and, ultimately, a statutory rapist.

Cassie continues to yearn for Nate to no avail. She now has to wake up at 4 a.m. every morning to dedicate three hours to getting ready and ready to perform at her best. However, the only day she manages to draw as much as a second glance from the quarterback is when she essentially dresses up as her ex-girlfriend and best friend, Maddy. Seeing her all dressed up with nowhere to go as she waits on a street corner for Nate to cancel their Friday night date to make up with Maddy would really break your little heart.

As if her life wasn’t complicated enough, her sister Lexi is currently launching a school production she wrote based on her life in her sister’s shadow – and something tells us the character of Cassie, or Hallie as she was renamed. in the room, is not going to be written in the most forgiving light.

This week Euphoria definitely suffers from a lack of action from Kat, whose only presence in the episode is a brief scene, where we see her stumble over her words when Ethan’s parents ask her to tell them about her. Meanwhile, Ethan himself is practically an extra at this point. Fingers crossed next week’s episode gives both characters a chance to grow a bit more as the show could really benefit from something a little lighter to balance misery and hedonism.


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