We have never received a donation from the gay community for the National Cathedral – Secretariat


According to Rev. Kusi Boateng, secretary of the board, he will resign immediately if anyone can prove that he received the money.

Speaking at the Asaase Breakfast Show Thursday (December 23), Reverend Kusi Boateng said, “Since this LGBTQ + thing happened, almost every board member has come out publicly to say that we have need this bill. It will therefore be contradictory for people to start circulating that the board of directors has accepted the injection of money from the LGBTQ + community.

“So I say with authority that the LGBTQI community has never confronted us and never gave us a dollar. And if by any chance anyone has any proof that the National Cathedral has received even a dollar from the LGBTQ + community, I will resign on the same day.

He therefore called on all Ghanaians to continue supporting the national cathedral project, adding “all I call people is we all support. You can support by donating via * 979 #. We want one million Ghanaians to give us only 100 GHC and some give us more than that.

” The property [of the National Cathedral] is not for the government; the property is owned by the Christian body, although the government will use the facility for state funerals, Christian gatherings and rentals for a lot of things, ”Reverend Boateng added.

“So I say with authority that the LGBTQ + community has never confronted us and never gave us a dollar.”


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