Turkish media regulator warns media not to air gay love song – Medya News


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A member of the Supreme Council of Turkish Radio and Television (RTÜK) has informed on Twitter that representatives of the media regulator have called Turkish media directors to warn them not to broadcast the latest video clip depicting an affair between two men.

The song ‘Karakol’ (‘Police Station’ in English) and the Video clip were released on the night of June 30 by singer and songwriter Mabel Matiz. The music video for Karakol, a love song, consists of images of two lovers, played by Matiz and a young man.

İlhan Taşçı, RTÜK Monitoring Member, said Saturday:

“RTÜK has called all the music channels to slightly threaten them not to broadcast Mabel Matiz’s latest song. They don’t directly say they “banned” the song, so they can wiggle out just in case. They are against everything, every point of view that is different.

matiz too job a message on Twitter on Saturday. He addressed his audience saying, “I am crying, but of joy.”

He continued:

“We have many more stories to tell. Everything associated with humans and life has been covered in my lyrics and music so far, and they will continue to be from now on.

“Karakol” was viewed on Youtube over 2,700,000 times in just three days after its release.

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