TI says rappers are being bullied by the gay community


TI said on Wednesday that rappers were “bullied” by the gay community. He made his remarks after fellow rapper DaBaby came under fire for rant about HIV positive people at the Rolling Loud Festival last Sunday.

“Now I understand people who say they think it’s insensitive. I think you have to understand that onstage is not where rappers go to be sensitive and appease anyone’s feelings. the world,” TI said on instagram live, defend DaBaby. “If that’s the case, why do the words provoke such a visceral reaction that will lead someone to try to attack, vilify, demonize, crucify, condemn?”

He continued: “It’s… Now you’re bullying. We all stood up on behalf of gays and lesbians and members of the gay community because we thought it was bullshit for you all to be victims of. But I don’t think any of us did this to feel like you would now have the power to come and bully us.

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The Atlanta-based rapper also spoke with comedian Zo and said he thought Da Baby’s comments were just part of his show and were never meant to offend. “I’m not trying to excuse anything. I’m just trying to explain how it could be tangled up in some confusion.

“It’s a teachable moment. It’s time for you to understand some things about us and for us to understand some things about you.

TI’s DaBaby support also prompted him to target “Industry Baby” artist Lil Nas X. On July 26, he commented on a post about DaBaby on the popular Instagram account The Shade Room, in which he wrote, ” If Lil Nas X can s**t him in peace… so should dababy [man shrugging emoji] #equality.”

Da Baby issued an apology on Tuesday for his comments via Twitter.

“Anyone who has ever been affected by AIDS/HIV has a right to be upset, what I said was insensitive even though I have no intention of offending anyone. So my apologies,” he tweeted Tuesday.

“But the LGBT community…I’m not tripping you up, am I. all business is all business.

He issued his apology following numerous backlashes from social media users as well as celebrities such as Elton John, Dua Lipa and Amber Rose.

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