TI says gay community bully rappers, Boosie attacks Lil Nas X over DaBaby homophobia controversy


Tory Lanez also intervened.

The fallout from DaBaby’s controversial comments about gay men and people living with HIV during her Rolling Loud Miami performance continued this week, with rappers like TI, Boosie Badazz and Tory Lanez leaping to her defense. TI has claimed that the LGBTQ community “intimidates” rappers for voicing their opinion, Boosie engaged in a rant about openly gay rapper Lil Nas X laden with homophobic slurs, and Lanez shared several tweets claiming that the hip-hop fell victim to the forces of political correctness.

The controversy began when DaBaby attempted to excite the crowd at Rolling Loud on Sunday with a series of bizarre statements.

“If you don’t show up today with HIV, AIDS, one of those deadly sexually transmitted diseases that will kill you in two or three weeks, then turn on your cell phone,” he told his audience. “Ladies, if your p-ssy smells of water, turn them on with a cell phone. Guys, if you don’t suck dick in the parking lot, turn on your cell phone. Keep your feet on the ground. “

He then tried to reconsider his statements somewhat, apologizing to the HIV-positive community in particular, but some rappers came to his defense. TI, who previously expressed support for DaBaby in a comment on Instagram, has shared his thoughts at length on Instagram Live. The Atlanta rapper, who recently defended himself against numerous allegations of sexual assault, said he viewed DaBaby’s treatment by the LGBTQ community as “bullying” and an attempt to censor him.

“Everyone is angry and upset by what DaBaby said,” TI began. “Now I understand people say they think it’s insensitive. I think you have to understand that on stage is not where rappers go to be sensitive and soothe everyone’s feelings… “n-gga” singing along with the song, how are we held on a level of morality so high? “

He went on to say that rappers have supported the LGBTQ community in the past, but are now being targeted by them.

“If so, why do the words cause such a visceral reaction that will lead someone to try to attack, to villain, to demonize, to crucify, to condemn,” he said. “Now you are intimidating. We all stood up for gays, lesbians and members of the gay community because we thought it was bullshit for all of you to have to be bullied. But I don’t think any of us did this to feel like you now have the power to come and intimidate us.

In reality, hip-hop has a complicated relationship with homophobia just like the rest of American culture, although women in rap music have a much more established history of defending LGBTQ rights.

Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz, long known for his controversial and homophobic statements, also intervened, contrasting DaBaby’s treatment with that of Lil Nas X. In his own Instagram Live, Boosie responded to criticism of DaBaby by attacking Lil Nas X for his recent “Industry Baby Music Video.

“Not everyone is with their nephew sucking cock. Not everyone with this shit, ”he said. “You can’t just put this shit on everyone and expect it to be cool. Nas X says he wants to perform naked on stage for charity. You don’t fuck with him like you fuck with DaBaby. You know, be impartial, man, be impartial. Don’t you feel this disrespect? Are you going to dance naked? Don’t you think it’s disrespecting boys who try to be straight? It is totally disrespectful.

He then called Lil Nas X a series of anti-gay swear words.

Tory Lanez, whose appearance with DaBaby at Rolling Loud sparked his own controversy, shared a series of tweets claiming rap is the victim of cancellation of culture and political correctness, although he later said that he wasn’t specifically referring to DaBaby:

DaBaby has been rejected for his comments by HIV charities as well as musicians like Elton John and his former collaborator Dua Lipa. It was recently dropped by clothing brand boohooMAN in the wake of the controversy, though the fallout was largely limited to criticism on social media. DaBaby tried to deepen the controversy this week with a rainbow-colored post placed at the end of her recent music video for “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give”:

Read the full lyrics to DaBaby’s “Giving What It’s Supposed To Give” on Genius now.


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