TI believes the gay community is intimidating DaBaby and other rappers. Yes really


Rapper TI (Roy Rochlin / FilmMagic)

TI said the LGBT + community “harassed” rappers such as DaBaby after giving a homophobic speech at a concert in Miami, Florida.

In a heartbreaking speech that cost him key contracts, DaBaby told the Rolling Loud Festival: Weeks, turn on your cell phone.

He then called on the men who “aren’t sucking cocks in the parking lot” to lift their cell phones as well.

Amid a scathing backlash against DaBaby and without a hint of irony, Tip took to Instagram on Wednesday (July 28) to say that LGBT + people are harassing rappers to prevent them from speaking freely.

Their live broadcasts, he told his 13.6 million followers, should be “safe spaces.” It’s sure to hear a man telling those living with HIV that they will die in a few weeks, we think.

TI defends DaBaby against ‘bullies’ of LGBT + people

“Everyone is angry and upset by what DaBaby said,” the reality TV star began.

“Now I understand people say they think it’s insensitive. I think you have to understand that the stage is not where rappers go to be sensitive and assuage everyone’s feelings.

“It’s a place to go to have a good time. I thought we kind of let our hair down and disqualified the BS because if we posed so as not to trip if we saw white people say n **** r sing along with the song, how are we holding on to a such a high level of morality?

“Just be honest. So it seemed like it was a safe place and it was all about having fun.

“That’s what I thought. If so, why do the words elicit such a visceral reaction that will lead someone to try to attack, to villain, to demonize, to crucify, to condemn?

“Now you are intimidating,” he added. “We all stood up for gays and lesbians and members of the gay community because we thought it was a bunch of bulls ** t for all of you to have to be bullied.

“But I don’t think any of us did this to feel like you now have the power to come and intimidate us.”

TI had previously tried to defend DaBaby by comparing Lil Nas X to DaBaby making inflammatory remarks about gay people and HIV is the same as, uh, Lil Nas X proudly living his life as a gay.

Both, he said, are examples of “honesty.”


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