The Gay Love Story That’s Winning Hearts Around the World


Netflix dropped their new gay love story Heart stroke this week and the whole world falls in love with Charlie, Nick, Elle and co.

The show is the latest in an ever-growing list of mainstream queer television and viewers love it.

Fans praise the show for its heartwarming and uplifting stories.

Heart stroke is a must

Heart stroke debuted in a world where queer characters can now lead a program.

We are no longer just the funny best friend or the butt of the joke.

In fact, these days we’re almost spoiled for choice when it comes to queer television.

Shows like Euphoria develop a cult like following, while Laid cleans up at award ceremonies.

Love, Victor is expected to drop its third and final season just like queer as folk is about to get another reboot.

Now this latest offering from Netflix hits all the right notes and must-watch TV.

The show is trending at the top of Twitter and receiving rave reviews worldwide.

charlie and nick

Maybe it’s the nostalgic aesthetic or the simplicity of their romance, but everything about Heart stroke is friendly.

Charlie (Joe Locke) is the only boy out of his all-boys school.

Nick (Kit Connor) is her new best friend and the two hit it off quickly.

After recently dumping her closeted boyfriend, Charlie searches for love.

What he finds with Nick is beautiful, simple and unexpected.

Heart stroke follow their unfolding love story as they begin to explore and understand each other.

Everything about this show is adorable, there is a nervous energy and joy that reaches out and draws the viewer in.

While other teen dramas are about sex, drugs and pushing boundaries, Heart stroke is to focus on relationships, love and life.

Their stories and those of their friends are the perfect representation of modern queer love.

It’s the show so many of us needed to grow up and it warms our hearts to watch it now.

Redefining teenage trans representation

Joining Charlie and Nick in this cute queer love story is an equally weird and lovable cast of friends.

As the main love story unfolds, that of queer characters Tara & Darcy and unexpected couple Elle and Tao (William Gao) also unfolds.

Tara (Corinna Broen) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) attend the local all-girls school, which Elle (Yasmin Finney) recently found herself transferring as well.

She, who had previously been a student at the all-boys school, now finds herself in her new life.

As a trans character, Elle and her story are beautifully woven into the narrative.

It was important that the character of Elle be played by a trans woman, said shows writer Alice Oseman.

The character is a beautiful representation of the joy instead of the trauma of being trans.

“Her journey is about finding friendships and fitting in at a new school and developing feelings for one of her best friends, and those are just normal teenage things,” she said. .

Transgender actress Yasmin Finney who plays Elle has spoken of her joy at bringing positive trans representation to the screen.

“It’s really, really, really such a rare story that we get a trans character that doesn’t dabble in gender dysphoria or depression or bullying. But just the positives – the friendship, the chosen family, the transition from a school for boys to a school for girls.

“Everything that is natural about being trans is highlighted. I am so happy to be this positive representation that we have needed for so many years.

This heartwarming, uplifting and memorable love story is not to be missed.

Watch the trailer here.

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