‘Sonic 2’: The Greatest Gay Love Story Ever Told


Spoiler for sonic the hedgehog and Sonic the hedgehog 2. Sometimes a movie comes along that changes you. Sometimes a movie reaches a part of your soul you didn’t know was dormant and ignites a fire you thought was long gone. I recently watched sonic the hedgehog and sonic the hedgehog 2 for the Cracked Movie Club Podcast. And I am changed forever. A new beacon has been lit for me. A shining example of love, devotion and hot guy on consensual guy. You can assume I’m talking about Sonic himself, of whom there are literally thousands of fan-made soft and hard core erotic drawings. But no, dear reader, I’m talking about a love Shakespearean in its scope and biblical in its proportions: the love between Eggman and Agent Stone.


I mean god, aren’t you excited right now? !

I had never seen the movies but since it was “for work” I turned on aj and rented the first one Sonic before going to see the after in theatres. Immediately, I was at the bottom. So much fun, so many colors, so many questions about the physiology and evolution of Sonic and his sidekicks. But then we meet the villain. Eggman aka Doctor Robotnik aka Canada’s Greatest Treasure (next to Celine Dion obvi) Jim Carrey. On screen, her character appeared with a handsome lackey, Agent Stone. And then, Eggman put a black gloved hand INTO AGENT STONE’S MOUTH. Grabbing his jaw in a move I’ve only seen in the darkest sex dungeons of New York. It’s rare to see different types of relationships other than vanilla straight, monogamy portrayed in movies and TV. So seeing what is clearly a gay, dom/sub kink relationship was amazing. And in a children’s movie too!


They will face the world and beyond the limits of space/time…together.

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