Ram Charan and Jr Ntr RRR are branded a gay love story by Western audiences


RRR is unquestionably one of the greatest successes the world has seen this year so far and is another shining feather in SS Rajamouli’s overflowing cap of genius. Starring Tollywood superstars Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in lead roles as Ram and Bheem respectively, the film also stars Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn in supporting roles.

The magnum opus is literally a visual treat, and the chemistry between two leads is one of the key ingredients that audiences loved so much about the movie. However, as the range of people consuming this content continues to widen, the circle of perception also widens with changing geography.

Several news outlets ran stories about how the movie wasn’t just meant to be a mass entertainer, but is a weird story. In fact, a lot of people are tweeting about how RRR is actually a gay romance and they loved the chemistry between two actors.

Someone actually labeled the movie a gay period romance. What?

Naturally, Rajamouli’s fans don’t like him because they probably don’t see him that way.

A news article also has a full descriptive analysis of how the action movie has an underlying queer theme. Interestingly, a film can be made in a different way and still be open to interpretation. RRR managed to rake in over Rs 1200 crore at the box office and is still going strong.


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