‘P-Valley’ fans slam Lil Duval for his reaction to the gay love scene, star J. Alphonse Nicholson and writer Patrik-Ian Polk weigh in


Comedian Lil Duval is receiving backlash following his comments on the latest episode of P-Valley, which featured a sex scene between characters Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson) and Big Teak (John Clarence Stewart).

Lil Duval tweeted: “Yeah the valley lost me. They need a super gay opinion on movies like the one they got on everything else. Because that’s a lot to see if you don’t. you’re not used to it.”

“P-Valley” writer Patrik-Ian Polk, also known for creating the landmark LGBT series Noah’s Arc, tweeted his own response to Lil Duval.

” I’m joking of course. Seriously, if you find the show too uncomfortable to watch, you can switch channels and watch something else. But why do you feel the need to come online and spew your homophobic nonsense? Who cares!” he continued. He also tweeted, “The reality is this: a lot of these ‘straight’ men are triggered by these gay love scenes. Watching them raises questions they have about their own sexuality. It has nothing to do with us or #PValley. To do work; look inside!”

Viewers of the show also called him out for his criticism, saying it was homophobic since he and others had no problem with the show’s inclusion of a sex scene between two women, Mercedes (Brandee Evans) and Farrah (Shamika Cotton).

“[N]notice the globally ignorant pearl, complaints and BS arguments R regarding the Lil Murda/Big Teak love scene only – but not Mercedes and Farrah! wrote a viewer. “IMO bc wlw sex scenes are, most often, viewed through a fetishizing lens, correct and/or more tolerable.”

In response to the ongoing backlash, Lil Duval tweeted out a series of explanations that just made his initial reaction more convoluted.

“I can watch gay people all day but I don’t want to see them fcheck. And it’s not homophonic [sic] because I feel the same for my mom,” he wrote. “I can look at my mom but I don’t want to see her FCK!!!! Do you understand ?”

“And not the lesbian [sex scenes] I don’t mind because I’m used to it,” he continued. “It’s what you miss. It’s about what you’re USED for! you’ll always be shocked by something you’re not used to. It’s human nature. You can’t just throw something something about someone and being offended because it offended.

Fans of the show continued to educate and roast Lil Duval for his tweets, writing, “The problem is that cishet people view trans and queer experiences as entertainment. Seeing forms of trans and queer intimacy , the discomfort comes from having to see community as a human, NOT vehicles for you to normalize your bigotry.”

Another wrote: “If you are a straight black man who is in a hurry for gay sex. You are just a fanatic. It’s about the fact that black men don’t want to unlearn their bigotry. They make the active choice not to deprogram themselves. of the ku klux clowning indoctrinated in them.”

Nicholson posted his own response regarding the backlash.

He wrote: “Love is real, hate is real. As an actor, the ultimate goal is to be as believable as possible. Relaxed, precise, fierce. Although [P-Valley] is a fictional story. I’m grateful for the real conversations that take place. Good job.”


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