Niecy Nash Joins Red Table Talk And Spreads All Gay Love


Last night I was minding my own business when I was told that Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts were going to take their seats for the infamous Red Table Talk with Willow Smith, her mum Jada Pinkett Smith and HER mum Adrienne Banfield-Norris aka Gam .

Red Table Talk brings all kinds of people together to sit down, kick things, and basically share their truth.

I watched it this morning as I messed my hair up, and from the moment Niecy walked into the room with her perfect smile and champagne-colored gathered dress, I was excited.

The real shit

Everything spilled out while the girls were at the table. One of the lures of Red Table is that it’s three different generations of black women coming together to share their perspectives on just about everything. Gam opened up and said she had thought about being with women in the past (from Gam: “Oh wow, a threesome could be really nice”) and no one blinked twice at Jada in saying she could see Willow ending up with a woman. For me it’s crazy to see and hear older black women talking so cavalier about doing this gay shit.

Church appeared (Niecy Nash is a former first lady), was boxed, confusing people with the multiple identities you can hold, BEING A BLACK WOMAN LIVING YOUR TRUTH – all discussed in little less 30 minute video.

I really connected with Jessica when she talked about coming to COGIC Church, she’s the granddaughter of someone who was quite a famous person in the Chicago community. Her grandmother, Pastor Jessie Pearl, was the first black female preacher from the Southside of Chicago. Coming out to her was a big deal, it came with a certain condemnation and typical things of church people like “You need to have a husband.”

I can understand this, my dad is a great pastor and I couldn’t have been more afraid to go out with him. Growing up in the Black Church and knowing that you are a queer kid is a very lived experience to understand. Luckily mine and Jessica’s ended on a higher note, she introduced Niecy to her grandma and at the end her grandma said, “Well love and take care of each other. others.”



Ok, so when I was watching Niecy Nash on The Red Table Talk, one thing was clear – the way these two like each other, the amount of sweetness, the amount of heal, jump off the screen.

Niecy makes it clear that they were both free from their previous relationships long before they got together. The tabloids and the news saying anything other than that was incorrect, also wrong – saying she was out. “Get out from where? Because I was not in nowhere did I not live a sexually repressed life.

I would like to point out here and now that we, the Autostraddle team, have never said that. What we’re doing here is congratulating Niecy and Jessica for being two loving hotties and constantly grateful to show it to us.

They tell tales of hot tub proposals, watching movies while touching their necks, going out for seafood and SWEET CHEEK KISSES IN THE KITCHEN!

The imitations that Niecy makes of Jessica will also take you ooooouuutttttt.

Oh and here’s the story of their first date, you’ll want to stick around until the end. I HAD TO SHUT DOWN THE COMPUTER AND SHOUT !!!!

Honestly, I’ll just admit it. I always thought the term “Love is Love” was lame, yeah I know it’s true or whatever but I just thought it was crazy. But when I watched that, hearing them both tell their story and look each other in the eyes and smile, that’s the first thing that came to my mind.

One thing that stood out is that Niecy said no one in the community has ever offered her a welcome package. Well, Niecy, consider your welcome package and I, Shelli Nicole, your tour guide to the world of all things LGBTQ + Niecy 🙂

Can’t wait to see you kill him by hosting the GLAAD Awards next week (airing April 8 on YouTube and Hulu) and waiting… .. Who wants to be my Jessica and ask me to go lie down?

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