New WWI movie to feature gay love story


WWII has long served as a historic backdrop for movies and TV shows spanning the gamut of genres, from romance to zombie horror and even dark comedy to Inglorious Basterds (2009).

Its predecessor, the Great War, has only scratched the surface in terms of modern blockbusters meant to chronicle its many aspects. One of those movies aimed at doing this is The history of sound.

The film, a romance, will be based on the short story by Ben Shattuck, who won a Pushcart award.

The plot of the original text centers on two young men, Lionel and David, who begin to record the stories and songs of contemporary Americans during the war on phonograph cylinders. There has to be an element of romance in what the director of the film called a “short-lived moment ripped off in their young life.”

“I immediately fell in love with Ben Shattuck’s impeccably beautiful short story and knew I had to be involved in his on-screen journey,” director Oliver Hermanus said in a statement to Variety. “It’s an unexpected love story that must be told – it’s a journey through the life of America, through the 20th century and the traditions of American folk music, all seen through the link between two men immersed in the history of sound. This undeniably powerful story will certainly resonate with audiences around the world. “

The duo will be performed by Paul Mescal (Normal People) and Josh O’Connor (The Crown).

“Paul and Josh are two of the most promising actors of their generation who will share deeply moving performances with us,” noted Hermanus.

The film will begin production in the summer of 2022.

Sarah Sicard is editor-in-chief at the Military Times. Previously, she was digital editor of the Military Times and editor of the Army Times. Other work can be found in National Defense Magazine, Task & Purpose, and Defense News.


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