“My son is on a divine mission in the gay community” – Doyin Okupe


A former senior special assistant for public affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, said his son, Bolu OkupeThe presence of in the gay community is for a godly mission.

The doctor and politician made the statement in a recent interview with VanguardLive TV’s The Controversy.

Bolu, 27, revealed his sexual disposition in a now-viral Instagram post in January.

He was dressed in a rainbow-colored underwear and also held a similar fabric in the Instagram photo.

Bolu Okupe

“Yes, I’m Gay AF,” he wrote.

Mr. Okupe, however, said that “he is staying in the LGBT community in order to be an instrument of God for them. By the grace of God, that’s what’s going to happen.

The co-founder of the Royal Cross Medical Center explained that his family had always been aware of his son’s sexuality and he believes he was influenced after living abroad for a long time.

He said, “We have always known. We’ve always known that Bolu is like that and Bolu is more than that. It’s amazing what kids are able to do. Unbeknownst to me, even though the other siblings knew, Bolu had designed his life.

“He never intended to live in Nigeria and I never knew it. Unfortunately for me his mother took him abroad very early on, he did much of his high school in the UK. Thus, Bolu thinks and lives European. He’s my son, but his mind is European.

“I also know that Bolu is very easily influenced by his surroundings, I know that for a fact because he came once for a vacation and he was someone who questioned the bible and said all kinds of things. . He was here for about three months and by the time he got home he was hot and he was on fire in terms of Scripture and things. His immediate older brother is now a pastor. He is very rigid in religion.


Mr Okupe, who admitted he regretted sending his son to Europe, also said he was above the initial shock of his son coming out and he thinks God knows why it is. ‘is produced.

“He’s a bit of a fickle person, depending on his environment. The moment when I let him go and stay in France was the worst thing because it is an extremely liberal society. The family knew Bolu had this tendency two or three years ago now.

“The problem had just announced and stuff, and that’s when people found out. The day I found out, I cried. I got past that, but we pray for him. I also know that God says my ways and not your ways and he knows the end from the beginning, ”he said.

Mr. Okupe tweeted that he thought he was facing a spiritual battle. He also confirmed that he was aware of his son’s sexual orientation and that he objected to it.


PREMIUM TIME reported that Mr Okupe had reacted to his son’s initial revelation earlier in the year, when the heartbroken father said he wanted the situation to end in praise.

In his response, Mr. Okupe took to his Twitter page where he first revealed that he was aware of his son’s sexual disposition.


He said: “My attention was drawn to a post by my 27 year old son Bolu Okupe in which he publicly stated that he is gay. I gave him this name Moba Oluwa Rin, (I walked with God) because he was born when I gave my life to Christ.

“I’ve been aware of this new direction for quite some time now. He knows that as a Christian and witness to Christ (evangelist), I am fiercely opposed to homosexuality because it goes against the avowed precepts of my Christian faith.

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“For me, I look beyond the surface or the physical. Here I see a major spiritual challenge ahead, but I know my God lives, this whole saga will end with praise to Almighty Jehovah, whom I serve day and night. For it is written: Behold, the hand of the Lord is not shortened so that she cannot save, nor his dead ear that he cannot hear. Isaiah 59 to 1. ”

Charlyboy too

Towards the end of 2020, Nigerian singer Charles Oputa, known as Charley Boy, and his daughter, Dewy Oputa, were making headlines when the singer took to social media to reveal his feelings. the idea of ​​her daughter being a lesbian.

The 70-year-old singer said he was shocked when his daughter broke the news to him, that he felt grateful to have had a gay child and that he loved his daughter, regardless of her sexual orientation.

The father of nine also posted a phone number for children who had difficulty talking to their parents about their sexuality to contact him. He said he took over a thousand calls from broken youths before he lost count.

“I’ve heard stories that made me cry, the emotional trauma the LGBTQ community goes through among the many wahala we face in this country.

“Parents need to understand that sometimes their child is unlikely to live the life they dreamed of for them and that has nothing to do with being good or bad parents,” part of the article reads. message.

However, his daughter, Dewy, called him out for being pretentious on social media. She said in a tweet that she had been kicked out of the house and had to fight for food and shelter.

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