Londoner’s Diary: Stranded in Ukraine, gay romance movie star canceled by Moscow


OM PRIOR’s film Firebird has already had its share of misfortunes — it was censored in Russia — and now one of its stars is stuck in Ukraine.

Actor Oleg Zagorodnii, top left, spoke about a screening of Firebird in Soho last night via video link, saying: “[in] my country today, Ukraine, we are fighting for our freedom to be Ukrainians in the future, to remain ourselves”.

Firebird tells the story of same-sex romance in the Soviet Air Force in the 1970s. After screening at the Moscow film festival last year, it was the subject of protests, hostile press articles, and then was removed from the festival lineup. Writer-director Prior, top right, told The Londoner at the Ham Yard Hotel that Zagorodnii was ‘unable to leave the country’ and added: ‘He has volunteered a few times but… there are so many more volunteers than there are positions in the army”. .

Major memories or more chaos?

Pete Doherty in a recent Instagram

/ Pete Doherty/Instagram

PETE DOHERTY was the king of mayhem in the 2000s – now the Libertines star is releasing a memoir. Amid the chaos – jail, drug abuse, rehab, death – Doherty managed to put pen to paper with the help of writer Simon Spence. Publisher Rough Trade says the book will feature “hard drugs, tiny on-hoof gigs, huge stadium shows, collaborations, erasures, gangsters and groupies”. The whole list. Will it live up to the hype or will it be another close moment in Doherty’s career?

Jemima’s protest plea is ignored

Jemima Goldsmith

/ dave benet

JEMIMA GOLDSMITH isn’t happy with the horrific protests outside her and her mother’s house, but it seems the authorities aren’t getting involved. She has been targeted by protesters because of her ties to her former husband, ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Earlier this week, Goldsmith tweeted to ask the Met if the protests were legal. She pointed to men outside her mother’s house who were mimicking sex acts “after threatening to come into my room”. The Londoner learns that the police have not yet made contact.

EDWARD ENNINFUL and Kate Moss pose in Dover Street Market at the launch of the new iD book: Wink and Smile: The First Forty Years. They were joined by Yasu Toyota and Chad Curry. In Baker Street, ES Magazine editor Ben Cobb hosted Iris Law, her mother Sadie Frost, Lennon Gallagher, Isobel Richmond and Harris Reed for a screening of The Ben Cobb Show.


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MICHAEL GOVE and Oliver Dowden invited Piers Morgan to a ‘secret conference of senior Tories outside to berate them all’, the broadcaster claimed. It seems a bit perverted, if we’re being honest. Morgan, who will debut on Rupert Murdoch’s new Talk TV on Monday, writes in the Spectator that “unfortunately” he couldn’t make it.

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It’s the season to announce a memoir. Matt Hancock, like Pete Doherty (but probably in that regard only), has revealed that his memoir will be released later this year. All eyes on how much the former health secretary’s diaries will feature his relationship with Gina Coladangelo.


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