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Carlos (played by Frankie A. Rodriguez) and Seb (played by Joe Serafini) dance together while Carlos sings “In A Heartbeat” to Seb.Photo: Screenshot / DIsney

A song that is considered the first gay love ballad Disney has ever released has become the topic of conversation on the internet.

Lycée Musical: The Musical: The Series, which airs on Disney Plus, featured a touching song, dance and hug between two teenage boys dating on the show and in real life.

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Carlos, the character played by Frankie A. Rodriguez, sings a heartfelt song, “In A Heartbeat”, to his classmate / boyfriend Seb, played by Joe Serafini, after the two characters have argued throughout the last one. episode of the series.

Ricky, played by Joshua Bassett – who also recently came out – accompanies the song on guitar.

Rodriguez said in an interview with The HuffPost about the song, “This is the moment when Carlos reassures Seb, ‘You are, I feel very strong for you, I choose you’ – that’s the lyrics.”

He added, “We learn so much from TV, so it’s important to show the different types of people who are there. It adds to compassion and to learning to understand people.

Rodriguez and Serafini are said to have dated for about two years after meeting on the show.

“The funny thing about Carlos and Seb is that they’re characters, and we leave them in that universe before we come home and be ourselves,” Serafini said.

Carlos (Rodriguez’s character) is the first character released between the Musical High School series of films and this new spin-off, which airs on Disney Plus. Seb (the character of Serafini) came next, and the two characters progressed in a relationship.

The show has become the most overtly LGBTQ Disney production, and several cast members have been or are out since the show began. In addition to Rodriguez, Serafini and Bassett, actor Larry Saperstein was released in early June in recognition of Pride Month.

Julia Lester, who plays Ashlyn Caswell on the show, is also featured as a pansexual.

Lycée Musical: The Musical: The Series won the GLAAD Media Award in 2020 for Outstanding Programming for Children and Family, in part for its portrayal of LGBTQ people of color through characters such as Carlos.


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