Lance Bass explains why Colton Underwood will face backlash from gay community


Bass Lance opens on Colton Underwood‘s coming out and why he expects the reality TV star to face backlash from the gay community.

The old one NSYNC the singer opened on the last episode of The almost famous Ben & Ashley I podcast. He said he relates to Colton because “90% of my fans were women, and they all thought I was straight. I made my money from women singing about love and using this market. So me going out, it was scary… because now everyone is going to see me as a liar… ”

Spear also explained why Colton was receiving negative reactions on social media the day it was released.

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“This gay community is very diverse, but we can also be very fickle. He’s definitely going to get a lot of reaction from the community early on. Not the majority, but there is a small percentage of the community who just won’t like that he’s come out that way, that he’s monetizing the experience, ” Spear said, referring to the Netflix docu series reportedly in the works.

Spear continued, “They don’t think it deserves this attention and one of those reasons is, and that’s what I went through when I went out… when you first go out most people have no idea of ​​the LGBT community. They don’t know what the problems are because they’ve been so separated from it on purpose. So when someone introduces themselves as a public figure, a lot of people immediately say, “It’s too late. They don’t like to support him because they feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about yet. But I don’t think so Colton is trying to lead this charge of trying to be the spokesperson for the LGBTQ community.

“I see him taking the responsibility of learning more about the community, of sharing his story with his documentary,” he continued. “A lot of people are great, it’s for the money, he’s making a documentary… well, yes it could be, but for me seeing a documentary like that will only help the community. Every story you see on TV or in a movie about a gay character, a different person can relate to that. We did not have too many representations of a homosexual on television who came from this world. This crazy sports world where you have to hide it.

Spear also stated how some older people in the gay community, who have had incredible hardships in the past, sometimes have a negative opinion of young people who come out today.

“A lot of this generation looks at us young people, especially even Colton, young people, that they do not understand where the community comes from and that they do not want to understand. But we must give it a chance. As if he had just come out. Let’s see what he does with it. Spear noted.

In his GMA maintenance, Colton explained why he remained a virgin throughout his adult life.


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