Icon’s New Netflix Series Features Emotional Gay Love Story


Heartstrings by Dolly Parton tells the story of a young gay couple. (Netflix)

Dolly Parton’s new Netflix series Heart Rope gives us all the feelings.

Country music legend and gay icon is the driving force between The sensitive cords of Dolly Parton, an anthology series that tells “the stories, memories and inspirations behind some of his most beloved songs”.

One episode, “Two Doors Down”, recast the heartbreak of one of Parton’s defining anthems as a gay love story.

Broadway star Andy Mientus plays Tyler, a locked up man in love with his mother’s assistant Cole (GBF‘s Michael J Willett).

As Tyler attends his sister’s wedding, a number of secrets begin to emerge, leading to a painful clash with his mother (Oscar winner Melissa Leo).

Parton reveals in the episode how she was inspired to write the song in 1977 by her family on the road, which included “all kinds of people.”

“Different colors, gay, lesbian, transgender and of all different faiths,” she explains.

“It didn’t matter, as long as we got along well.

“It all comes down to love, it’s love, in families on the road and in real families.

“Life might not always be a party, but it’s better if you can just have fun and accept and love the people around you. “

The episode was all the rage on LGBT + Twitter, which sparked lots and lots of emotions.

Of course, this is real life and not some feverish dream fueled by Dolly Parton, some people have been outraged by the broadcast’s recognition of the existence of LGBT + people.

A number of people walked out of a screening in Dollywood, which episode writer Mark B Perry admitted was unsurprised.

“Well, I grew up in the South, so I consider myself an expatriate from the South, and I felt I had the opportunity to write fairly and authentically about some of the attitudes in the South regarding the South. ‘homosexuality,’ he said. NewNowNext.

“So I wasn’t surprised to learn that some people got up and went out. But it made me a little sad [because] there is nothing offensive about my episode, as far as I’m concerned.

“You know, it’s a shame that we are still at a time when there are people who can be quite offended by this, that they would deprive themselves of what is ultimately a joyful experience.”

Perry said that “Dolly herself wanted to do an LGBTQ episode based on her having such universal appeal.”

The singer is known to be a staunch LGBT + ally, not just because she recently revealed she has an unreleased dance song called “Just A Wee Bit Gay.”


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