I got kicked out of my best friend’s wedding because I’m gay, I love makeup


She gave him something blue.

A TikToker claims he was kicked out of his best friend’s wedding because he’s gay and wears makeup.

In a video went viral, Devin Valeno – who often posts makeup tutorials – has recounted the time his best friend of seven years asked him not to “wear makeup or anything feminine” to the wedding because it could make the members of his family “uncomfortable”.

“I was a little surprised by that,” he admits in the clip, which has had more than 5 million views since it was posted late last month. “And I was just like, whatever, it’s your special day. Of course I will.

Valeno said the buddy thanked him and they hung up the phone. He thought that was the end – although he was hurt by her request.

Devin Valeno has claimed that his best friend didn’t invite him to his wedding because of his sexuality.

The content creator said he was deeply shocked when his friend called him later to tell him she had spoken with her father, and they thought it best that he and her boyfriend n do not attend his wedding.

“Just having you and your boyfriend here, and you guys being gay and everything, it would really make my family uncomfortable,” Valeno claims, the bride-to-be said.

Valeno said he was upset by the statement and tearfully suggested maybe they shouldn’t be friends anymore because “an ally of mine is supposed to be an ally of the whole community.”

Her friend apparently agreed, saying she didn’t want to be with that “type of energy anyway.”

“This is one of the most personal hate crimes I’ve ever experienced,” Valeno said in the caption, adding in the video that he “sat there and cried” once. they hung up after that fateful phone call.

“Not only did she disappoint me, but she disappoints the whole gay community,” Valeno continued. “It’s 2022, and people are still going to kick you out like you’re not shit just because you’re gay.”

The clip has over 40,000 comments, including plenty of disbelief at his friend’s alleged remarks.

“She was never a friend, you’re better off without someone like that,” one user wrote.

In a follow-up video, Valeno revealed that he received death threats after sharing the marriage story. He brushed them aside emphasizing his mission.

“This page is only meant to share support for each other, to raise awareness of people’s struggles and a place to grow and have fun. At the end of the day, no one on this app really knows me,” he pointed out.


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