‘His Storyy’ actor Mrinal Dutt: it’s important to understand that a gay romance is normal


Bombay, April 25: Actor Mrinal Dutt plays one of the protagonists of the upcoming “His Storyy” web series, a homosexual love story. He says a gay romance should be treated as normal as a straight romance, adding that he has no hesitation in playing a gay character.
Was he concerned about the image trap – that he might be stuck with only similar offers in the future? “Honestly, I didn’t think about it, and I’m not afraid to stereotype myself after playing a gay character on screen. I don’t hesitate to play a gay character. The problem of being stereotypical exists everywhere, with whatever character we play, ”Mrinal told IANS.
He continued, “If we do it right and get audience appreciation, creators tend to give us similar roles. No need to fear this. I’m never afraid to make bold characters and I want people to feel uncomfortable if they feel it. It’s important to understand that a same-sex romance is just as normal as a straight romance.
The show revolves around two men, Preet and Kunal. Preet, played by Mrinal, is a food critic, blogger and traveler. Kunal, played by Satyadeep Misra, is a man who, after more than a decade of a happy married life, realizes he is gay when he falls in love with Preet.
Did Mrinal feel an added sense of responsibility in portraying a gay character on screen? “The most important part, the responsibility we all felt, was to represent the LGBTQ community in the right way to the general public. I knew if it came from the production house of Ekta (Kapoor) madam, they are known to be sensitive to every story, ”he replied.
“The basic thing to understand is that if someone falls in love with another person of the opposite sex or of the same sex, the feeling of love is just as intense and organic in both situations,” Mrinal added.
“His Storyy” also features Priyamani, Charu Shankar and Rajiv Kumar. The show will be released on ALT Balaji on April 25. (IANS)


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