Gay Love Story arrives in Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic: The Origin


For life Flowers in the attic: the origin returns on Saturday to continue the Foxworth family saga.

The twisted origins and secrets of the wealthy Foxworth family are revealed in this prequel to Flowers in the atticaccording to the novel shadow garden by VC Andrews. For the TV adaptation, the writers incorporated a gay storyline not found in the books.

The third episode of Flowers in the attic centers on the gay romance between Joel Foxworth (played by queer British actor Luke Fetherston) and Foxworth’s family employee Harry (played by British actor Jordan Peters).

The series tells the story of Olivia, the grandmother of the Dollanganger children. The new episode revolves around Joel’s struggles with his growing sexuality and his romance with one of their housekeepers, leading him to undergo conversion therapy in the 1920s and 1930s.

In a recent interview, Fetherston spoke about the controversy surrounding gay actors in Hollywood and how even now they are still asked to hide their sexual orientation.

With LGBTQ+ rights suddenly seeming under threat in various parts of the world that were previously forward-looking, Fetherston said he’s adamant about portraying the role responsibly.

“It carried a lot of weight. And I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know what people had been through and what people were still going through,” he said. Attitude. “I did as much research as possible. And I wanted to give this moment in the series as much weight as I think it deserves.

In the interview, he acknowledged that one day he hopes sex won’t be “someone else’s business.” We’re not there yet, he says, so portraying queer people in queer roles is crucial.

“I’m sure the majority of us have been told to hide our sexuality. I can’t imagine meeting a gay actor who hasn’t been told that,” he said. “So until we don’t have to, then, yeah, I think it’s important that gay people are cast as gay characters. That’s the more authentic option. So, this is surely the best option.

In Part 3, set in early 20th century Virginia, when homophobia and racism were rampant, Malcolm discovers his son is in a relationship with Harry and sends him to a mental institution to “cure” him.

“With the help of a family member who realizes the sad tragedy unfolding, Joel finds his voice and the strength to challenge his powerful father,” a description of the episode read.

The four-part limited series premiered July 9, and the third episode airs Saturday on Lifetime at 8/7c.

Watch a preview of the episode below.


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