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Even when the visibility of LGBTQ artists is at an all time high, it can still be difficult to find love songs that explicitly address the gay experience. Whether it’s a beautiful ballad about falling in love with a boy or a thunderous song about bringing him to the bedroom, gays and bisexuals also deserve their experiences reflected. in songs.

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Instead of waiting to hear that perfect tune about man-to-man romance, we’ve decided to help you out with this list of 30 gay love songs.

Troye Sivan, “Lucky Strike”

Golden boy of queer pop Troye Sivan is a master at creating songs about same-sex relationships, and this one is no exception. “Lucky Strike” sparkles with dreamy synths as Troye confesses to his lover all the reasons he finds him so attractive.

Sam Smith, “Him”

While Sam Smith may have already been criticized for his lack of gender-specific pronouns in his songs, “Him” more than makes up for it. This heart-wrenching ballad follows a young man emerging from his father’s closet confessing his love for another man, as Smith’s breathtaking voice conveys both the pain and the tenderness of the song.

Years and years, “Preacher”

While the subtext of “Preacher” hints at a particularly one-sided desire, it cannot be denied that this twist of Years & Years’ Palo Santo is a great love song about coming face to face with “the one”.

MNEK, “Language”

Want to let your lover know how sexy you find him? Look no further than Simmering MNEK’s single “Tongue”. The British star’s track uses its exuberant sexuality, punchy rhythm and expertly crafted melodies to make it one of the sexiest songs about gay romance in recent memory.

Vincint, “mine”

Pop upcomer Vincint wants you to stop beating around the bush with his dramatically passionate single “Mine”. From suggesting a slight attraction to literally begging her lover to be with him, Vincint goes all out on the heart-pounding love song.

Sakima, “Show me”

Throughout his career, Sakima has shown us time and time again that he can write great music about gay sex. But what sets “Show Me” apart is its tenderness – while on past songs Sakima focuses on the warmth and passion of gay romance, this sultry track frames sex as a means of loving communication between two. partners.

Keiynan Lonsdale, “Kiss the Boy”

Inspired by The little MermaidKeiynan Lonsdale’s debut single ‘Kiss the Girl’ turns the Disney classic upside down, encouraging listeners to follow their hearts and kiss the boys they love. With the help of haunting melodies and gorgeous vocals from Lonsdale, “Kiss the Boy” successfully demonstrates the singer’s unique ability to make his audience turn pale with a song.

Brockhampton, “Something About Him”

The lyrics of Brockhampton’s electrifying music have never escaped the homosexuality of frontman Kevin Abstract. But “Something About Him,” a short, slow-motion ballad from the band’s hit album Iridescence, brings the rapper’s experience to the fore, as he explains why he’s in love with his lover.

Cub Sport, “Butterflies”

Indie-pop stars Cub Sport incorporated their romantic side with their self-titled 2019 album “Butterflies”. The song’s bossy melody contrasts perfectly with the mind-boggling emotion they describe through the lyrics, making it a fun and eerie journey through gay romance.

Rostam, “Cycling dream”

Former Vampire Weekend member Rostam manages to combine the ever-present ethereal quality of his music with touching lyrics about the struggle to find the partner of his dreams. As always, Rostam’s artful interpretation of intricate love comes together beautifully in this dream piece.

Frank Ocean, “Forrest Gump”

Drawing inspiration from the 1994 film of the same name, Frank Ocean’s creamy jam “Forrest Gump” is an ode to unabashed queer love. The track not only shows a deep love for the 1994 film, but shows an emotional maturity in acknowledging the reality of losing the person you love most.

Genius of perfume, “Alan”

Seattle-based singer / songwriter Perfume Genius accesses the most affectionate part of himself with “Alan,” a heartfelt ode to the singer’s boyfriend, Alan Wyffels. The song’s lyrics bring out the calmer, more loving parts of a relationship, encapsulating the idea of ​​feeling safe in someone’s arms.

Alextbh, “Always mine”

Sometimes all a good song needs is a simple bassline and sultry vocals. That’s what listeners get when listening to pop singer Alextbh’s alluring “Still Mine”, as they follow the singer’s persistent hanging up on an ex-lover.

Vardaan Arora, “Dance like you”

In “Dance Like You”, Vardaan Arora finds himself fascinated by a dancing stranger, wishing he could be with him. With the appropriate production ready for the club backing him, Arora shows what it really looks like to fall in love on the dance floor.

Solomon Ray, “Así Así”

Love and passion are universal languages, as Solomon Ray expertly demonstrates in his sensual bop “Así Así”. Constantly alternating between English and Spanish, the singer asks his bilingual lover to give him everything he has.

Shea Coulée & Gess, “Essence”

When you combine the skill and confidence of drag star Shea Couleé with the otherworldly production of pop artist Gess, you encounter the haunting love song “Gasoline”. As Couleé shatters her lover’s preconceptions of what love is, Gess delivers a distorted melody, sending their listeners to the stars.

Holland, “Never Land”

K-pop stars usually don’t get a chance to express their same-sex love thanks to Korea’s rigid anti-gay policy. But pop singer Holland defied expectations with the release of “Neverland”, one of the first K-pop songs with an overtly gay connotation. As Holland begs his lover to fly with him to a place where they can be free, you’ll find yourself crying and clapping at the same time.

Bronze Avery, “I want 2”

If the sexy falsetto tones of Bronze Avery’s voice don’t immediately melt your heart, then maybe the lyrics from that irresistible “Want 2” earpiece will. Indulging in his new love, singing “Let’s do what we wanna do / I’ll take my time with you / Swear I gotta list these things I wanna do,” Avery not only shows off his vocal dexterity, but his emotional availability. .

Jesse Saint John, “What do you like”

Getting caught up in the heat of passion happens to everyone, and celebrity songwriter Jesse Saint John (Britney Spears, Camila Cabello) invites you to experience that moment with “What Do U Like”. Listening to Saint John’s sex-laden dance piece makes you excited to hear what’s to come on his already star-studded streak of expert pop writing.

Wrabel, “This is what I would do”

Even though he only released a live version of this song, Wrabel manages to touch you with the heartache of “This is what I would do”. Singing a selfless desire to show someone love, Wrabel takes his sensitive musical styles to an all-time high on this gorgeous new song.

Aaron Porter, “Boy”

Upcoming pop singer Aaron Porter shows off all the sultry tricks in his arsenal on his debut track “Boy”. The song is about allowing you to be more vulnerable in front of your crush, while simultaneously showing them why they belong to you.

A Great Big World ft. Futuristic, “Hold on to each other”

A Great Big World’s “Hold Each Other” begins like most other love songs – a boy singing about the girl who keeps him young at heart. But in the song’s second verse, the duo’s openly gay member Chad King steps in to show a boy the exact same sentiment, once again showing that pronouns matter when it comes to writing a song. queer love song.

The feat of superfruits. Amber Liu, “Fantasy”

Pentatonix members Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying light up the spell in their high-energy dance piece “Fantasy”. Singing about a perfect relationship, the talented duo take listeners to a dreamy landscape of love and romance.

Ryan Ashley, “Take care of yourself”

Ryan Ashley’s tender vocals perfectly mirror his compassionate lyrics on his heartwarming single “Care for You”. Sometimes true love shows someone you’re there for them, and Ashley expertly exemplifies the perfect match here.

Morgxn, “xx”

Sometimes you just can’t wait for that special man to walk your way, which alt-pop singer Morgxn manages to convey in his song “xx”. From a singer with a discography full of songs about pain, loss and grief, “xx” plays like a beaming pillar of light that will fill you with flirtatious joy.

Troye Sivan & Jónsi, “Revelation”

While the subject of the 2018 film Boy erased may not lend itself to pure romantics, it is clear that Troye Sivan’s collaboration with Jónsi de Sigur Rós for the film’s soundtrack does this perfectly. Bathed in the light of pure love, Sivan’s crystalline baritone pairs perfectly with Jónsi’s straightforward production, creating not only an extremely moving scene for the film, but a beautiful love song for the ages.

The feat of Robokid. Manila Killa and AOBeats, “17”

Some might argue that teenage love is inherently silly, but young pop singer Robokid instead focuses on the hopeless romance that comes with it on “17”. With hazy production and an instantly catchy beat, Robokid manages to capture the teenage experience in a song.

Léo Kalyan, “Horizon”

Sometimes the mere possibility of love can be just as romantic as the reality, as newcomer Leo Kalyan demonstrates in his song “Horizon”. Accompanied by a thundering bass and a quiet melody, Kalyan explains how even a simple touch from his lover can send him into a spiral of pleasure.

Jax Jones and Years & Years, “Play”

Take dance-pop producer Jax Jones, add Years & Years pop stars, and you’ve got the hugely fun and flirty “Play”. Centered around a man who knocks down his emotional walls to start having fun with his same-sex lover, “Play” will have you and your partner dancing in no time.

The feat of Blood Orange. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Better Than Me”

Above all, the most important type of love a person can find is self-love, which Dev Hynes and Carly Rae Jepsen explore in detail in “Better Than Me.” The song deals with Hynes’ constant fear that he isn’t black or queer enough, but ultimately sends the message home that the truest love you can find is deep inside yourself, not in someone. one else.

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