Eli and Mike representing the gay community in real estate


Representation and support for representation are extremely rare in the business world. Different than typical sexual identities and orientations are particularly rare and are arguably the least talked about among the majority of underrepresented groups of people in commercial industries, including minorities. In fact, particularly in the real estate industry, only 4% of real estate sellers, buyers and agents encompass all of those who identify as lesbian, bisexual or gay. Knowing this, it’s obvious to imagine that it can be quite difficult for anyone who can stand out to be themselves. Fortunately, there are real estate agents like Mike Delgado and Eli Vizcarra who are on a mission to start changing that.

Mike and Eli are a spirited pair of California State real estate specialists who strive to make the LGBT community proud and supported by building a brand around their unique place in society. They want to represent their culture for all to see and be seen as unabashedly themselves in order to lead a movement that brings style, passion and freedom to the real estate industry.

In the words of Mike and Eli, they also recognize that going against the status quo means “running into all kinds of conflict, including haters and lack of income.” It’s an uphill battle trying to fight something for an ideal where there’s a genuine lack of support and dialogue, essentially doing the bold, daring act of facing an army as one man who would instill fear in anyone except Eli urges to “don’t be subjected to negative thoughts or people who tell you that you CANNOT deserve to reap the rewards of your hard work.” Surround yourself with people you value and people with the culture and passion to excel, just like you.

Mike and Eli proudly defend that the fear of being yourself and being different will only hold a person back. The pair act as a shining example to their community that it is possible to be successful in any endeavor you choose without having to kneel before the majority and what is considered ‘normal’. Leaders of underrepresented groups like Mike and Eli inspire those who doubt themselves and feel societal pressure to be someone they are simply not comfortable with. It’s just like Eli and Mike exclaim,



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