Debate over whether homoerotic epic ‘RRR’ is a ‘gay love story’ rages on

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Months after its first theatrical release and rise up the Netflix streaming charts, the heartbreaking Indian blockbuster RRR (“Rise Roar Revolt”) continues to rock Twitter, both because it’s a thrilling and highly stylized action epic and because it gives off major gay vibes.

But that last point has led to heated back and forth between fans online. There are those who love RRR all the more precisely because of the homoerotic tension between its main heroes, and then there are those who prefer not to label it a “gay movie” and just want to celebrate it for its over-the-top action set pieces.

Honestly, why do the two have to be mutually exclusive? RRR be both?

Recently, Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty (Best Sound Mixing, Slumdog Millionaire) has been criticized for appearing to assert that RRR it’s not worth anyone’s time specifically because it’s a “gay love story”.

Admittedly, Pookutty doesn’t say much at all, but, seeing that he was responding to a negative review of the film, many users understood that he was denouncing the film’s homoeroticism. Although the tweet settings only allow the sound designer’s followers to reply, many took to quoting tweets and calling him “tasteless” and “jealous” for appearing to reject RRR.

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It wasn’t until respected Indian film producer Shobu Yarlagadda weighed in – saying he was “extremely disappointed” that Pokutty was “sinking so low” – that the Oscar-winning actor felt the need to clarify. Pokutty replied that there was “absolutely nothing wrong though” RRR was intentionally gay, adding that he meant no offense by his initial tweet.

Typos aside, the answer is a bit confusing. Is Pookutty a fan of RRR or not? And, again, what does the film’s subtextual gay romance have to do with it?

Either way, it’s clear Netflix’s global platform has done RRR one of the most discussed and debated film events on the Internet of the summer. The Telugu language epic of Baahubali director SS Rajamouli was an international box office success when it premiered in theaters this spring, breaking records to become the third highest-grossing film in India and the fourth highest-grossing Indian film. And that was before it hit the streamer, where it has since captured the attention of moviegoers around the world and become a word-of-mouth blockbuster.

With more and more spectators queuing RRRthere have been a number of hilarious reactions from viewers over the past few weeks, many of which, unlike Pookutty, celebrate the film’s over-the-top appeal and not-so-subtle homoeroticism.

Here’s how fans reacted to RRRthe gay shades of and Pookutty’s tweet:


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