Da Brat says hip hop 100% supports the gay community


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Queer hip-hop icon Da Brat is the latest celebrity to weigh in on DaBaby’s controversial remarks. The rapper’s homophobic comments spewed out at Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival last month sparked backlash from fans and celebrities alike. However, Da Brat was careful to remind people that while the “Rockstar” rhymer is important in hip hop right now, his mean words do not reflect the views of the wider community.

“It wasn’t cool back then,” Da Brat said of being openly gay in hip-hop in an interview with TMZ live. “Now it’s 2021, so it’s a whole different vibe, and people are 100% behind us. “

The “Give It 2 ​​You” artist turned out to be a lesbian last year amid rumors of her marriage to Kaleidoscope Hair mogul Jesseca DuPart.

DaBaby, who made harsh comments about gay people living with HIV and AIDS, apologized to fans on August 2 after being banned from a large number of festival lineups and sponsorships.

“I want to apologize to the LGBTQ + community for the hurtful and triggering comments I made,” he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “Again, I apologize for my misinformed comments about HIV / AIDS and I know education about it is important.”

Da Brat added that she believes people should ignore the rapper’s damaging remarks, although a large number of HIV awareness organizations have written to the star to educate him on his callous statements.

“At a time when HIV continues to disproportionately impact black Americans and queer and transgender people of color, dialogue is essential,” reads a letter written by GLAAD in addition to a few other organizations to the cutting edge of HIV awareness. “We need to tackle the poor education about HIV, expressed in your comments, and its impact on various communities. “

“We believe you now have the opportunity not only to overcome this unfortunate incident, but to use your platform and your fame to heal, not hurt,” they added.

DaBaby has not released a statement explaining why he deleted his apology on Instagram.


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