Boosie Clarifies Comments on Gay Community and Lil Nas X, Inta + Plus Bans | The breakfast club


It’s always an interesting time when Boosie badazz pulls the Breakfast Club, and this Monday morning was no different when the rapper sat down with The Breakfast Club and talked about the comments he made about the gay community and Lil nas x. He also took to Instagram banning it for his sometimes controversial posts.

Of his comments on the gay community and Lil Nas, he says he had to speak out because when it comes to straight people in the world, “you don’t have an opinion anymore” and because no another “straight rapper” did not intervene. young children love Lil Nas. Boosie goes on to say that he feels like “they’re taking our kids” because “who love these rappers? Kids!” Boosie also says he feels they are exerting a negative influence “on our younger generation.”

When the boss of Instagram, Adam mosséri, appeared earlier this month, The Breast breakfast Club asked him to ban Boosie on his posts, but sometimes even allowing other users Kim kardashian to post things that could also be classified as nudity. “I was so proud of you! Boosie tells DJ Envy that he brought up what he calls “discrimination between blacks and browns on Instagram.” He also credits being targeted because of visibility. “We took over in the Corona. On social media platforms, you haven’t seen anyone white … and I think he got tired of seeing us,” he continues.

Enjoy Boosie above or HERE on The Breakfast Club


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