[BN] Columns: The Struggles of the Buffalo Gay Community in the 1970s | Local news


In the same 1970 newsletter, Mattachine Society president Frank Russo explained that “recent events in Buffalo have given the gay community a much-needed sense of unity and determination.”

He was larger than life running the night shift on KB, and the Buffalo teens couldn’t get enough of Tommy.

He went on to describe the company’s goals, including ending harassment of police and the general public, working for full employment equality, “reforming state sodomy laws to eliminate penalties.” for private sexual behavior between consenting adults ”and“ helping homosexuals understand themselves in relation to the society in which they live.

While the entrapment was against written Buffalo Police policy, several gay men said they were responding to overt overtures from undercover cops when they were arrested at police-targeted sites on Pearl Street near West Huron and to Allentown along Irving, Park, North and near Orme and Summer.

Vice Squad Captain Kenneth Kennedy defended the pursuit of gay men by his officers.

“The aggressive homosexual is the one we are focusing our efforts on. Protecting our children requires that we clear the streets of those who attack them,” Kennedy said at a meeting of a women’s club in Park. Lane in 1969.

“This kind of man is so daring, his compulsion so great, that he would shamelessly ring your doorbell, trying to befriend you with your child. He’s a master salesman and, if it turns out, he is also a neighbor, you wouldn’t know his interest. “


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