An old gay love affair that didn’t have its happy ending


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Ladislav Mednyánszky, a Slovak-Hungarian painter and aristocrat, never forgot the love of his life, trucker Bálint Kurdi, and made frequent pilgrimages to Kurdi’s grave in the Hungarian town of Vác.

After Kurdi’s death from pneumonia in 1906, the painter continued to cherish his love and speak to him through journals, where Mednyánszky addressed Kurdi as a pure soul. He shared the ups and downs of his life with “Nyuli” and expressed hope that they will get together one day. Nyuli was the painter’s nickname for Kurdi, which means “rabbit” in Hungarian.

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“The old dog [the painter] belongs to Nyuli,” wrote Mednyánszky in 1908.

Towards the end of the same year, despite frequent questioning as to whether he was worth Kurdi’s love, he wrote a resolute wish to be buried next to Kurdi when the time came.

Born into a Hungarian family in 1852, Mednyánszky spent his childhood in mansions in Beckov and Strážky, towns in Upper Hungary, the territory of present-day Slovakia, and later traveled across Europe to develop his talent as a landscape painter. and figure painter.

Although Mednyánszky considered figure painting more important, it was his landscape paintings, influenced by different art movements but still very unique, that topped the list of the most expensive artworks sold in Slovakia. There “evening mood“the 1911 painting was sold for €600,000 at an auction in 2016, and the 1900”Interior of the forest with a stream” the painting had sold for €230,000 six years earlier.

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