A ‘gay Christian’ predicts that the gay community will destroy the Christian Church


Yes, you read that title correctly. A man claiming to be a gay Christian predicted that the gay community would destroy the Christian church – these are his exact words — and he hopes it will happen sooner rather than later.

Let me give you a spoiler alert. The Church that Jesus is building – by which I mean the community of his true disciples in the world – cannot be destroyed. Or cancelled. Or quiet.

As for most of what goes by the name “Christian church,” that’s another story.

May be this is this gay author describing, namely the dismantling of so-called Christianity? If so, how on earth could he imagine that the gay community will pave the way for his destruction?

Keith Michael: Rejection of homosexuality is the sin that causes people to leave the Church

Write about Medium.comKeith Michael says:

The Christian Church implodes on itself. Fewer and fewer people are filling its pews, at least in North America, and the leaders of the various denominations of the Christian Church know this. They see trends.

It literally scares them. And they are powerless to stop it.

They are powerless to stop it because it is by GOD’s hand.

And then this: “In all honesty, it’s not really the gay community that is destroying the Church — GOD is destroying the Christian Church — but we are the catalyst, a very visible sign that GOD uses to illustrate the errors of the Church. Church, the Church’s arrogance and sinless love.

Truth be told, there is are people who have left churches in America because they think the church is not gay-friendly. We cannot deny it. In other cases, people have left because they themselves are attracted to the same sex and feel that they are not accepted for who they are.

The opposite is true

But the reality is that, around the world as in America, when biblical standards are followed in love (and those standards prohibit same-sex unions), when Jesus is raised without shame, when the Spirit is allowed to move freely, then people flock to these churches. In fact, many of them grow rapidly.

It is also true that the most compromised churches, those which call themselves the most “progressive”, those which claim the most gay “marriage” and practice gay clergy are those which experience the greatest numerical decline.

Study it for yourself. The worldwide statistics speak for themselves, largely undermining Michael’s narrative.

Biblical sexuality is “pagan”?

In his mind, however, the church is guilty of arrogance, writing: “They double their stupidity instead of seeing and correcting their own hatred for homosexuals, and their own adherence to pagan beliefs which GOD never said people to do or believe.

Yes, he continues, “Christians honestly don’t ‘see’ that it is their blind adherence to an old, outdated, systemic dogma that is driving the Holy Spirit-led exodus from their churches.” .

So this is the key to church growth according to Michael. Abandon what the Bible says about marriage, family and sexuality – it calls these values ​​“pagan” and calls it “hate” – and instead embrace what God rejects. Talk about spilling the truth.

As for gay-hating churches, I’m sure there are gay-hating churches in America, and I and many others have exposed them. They are the exception to the rule, and they distort God.

Speaking the truth of God is not hate

But it’s not hate to tell someone that God has a better way. And it is not hate to declare that not only did Jesus die for every human being, but that he also wants to change every human being.

Michael, however, completely abandoned New Testament teachings in the name of an imaginary Christianity that never existed, writing, “Jesus never taught what the Church today teaches. In fact, the historical Jesus would have been horrified at what the Church is now teaching in his name!

But he doesn’t mean it the way many of us mean it. (In other words, many of us agree that Jesus would be – and is – horrified by the state of much of the church in America.)

He attacks the apostle Paul, the Torah and Jesus

What he means is this: “The Christian Church is NOT what Jesus and the apostles founded. This is what Paul of Tarsus founded and was later amplified by Constantine. In fact, the religion should rather be called ‘Pauliantiy’ than ‘Christianity’.

Not only that, but “the old priesthood meddled in the law (Torah) with their ‘lying pens'”, which it tries to support with an erroneous reference to Jeremiah 8:8, which does not teach that the Torah we have today was corrupted by ancient priests.

So not only is much of the New Testament unreliable in Michael’s eyes, but so is much of the Old Testament.

And, even worse, he asserts that “the Church literally worships another god of its own making, namely Jesus. The 1st Commandment states that we must have no other gods than the one worshiped by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Yes, “The Church made up its own ‘Jesus’ and its own ‘gospel’ using its so-called ‘New Testament’, but it was a book that didn’t even exist when Jesus and the Apostles preached. “

And what is the answer to this massive deception? “The LGBTQ+ community needs to be offended with real facts and real history that we can use to educate our evangelical friends.”

Completely upside down

Reading this, you can only feel sorry for men like Michael who claim to be gay Christians while rejecting God’s law, denigrating New Testament revelation, and accusing the Church of worshiping Jesus as Lord.

I pity them all the more to think that, armed with these new “ideas” and “facts”, the gay community will re-establish the church.

Do I agree with him that the church needs to show much more unconditional love, including to the LGBTQ community? Absoutely. “More love” is still a word the church needs to hear. After all, Jesus is our example, and no one has practiced selfless love more deeply than he.

At the same time, Michael has things completely upside down. It is when the church in America returns to preaching and teaching the Word of God, as it is written and without excuse, full of the Spirit and full of love, that our buildings will be full of seekers and sinners. The truth that will set them free.

Dr. Michael Brown (www.askdrbrown.org) is the host of the National Syndicate line of fire radio program. His latest book is Revival or We Die: A Great Revival Is Our Only Hope. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter Where Youtube.


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